Class Schedule & Descriptions:


Hatha Yoga:

Learn the postures of yoga in this class without too many Sun Salutations between poses. We move slowly and therapeutically while focusing on the breath, to grow strength and confidence in an unpressured way. Poses are usually held for a longer time than in Flow Yoga. We do a lot of standing poses to learn how to align the body with more awareness and better connect to our sense of balance. This is followed by longer holds in seated floor-work to open the hips and lower back.

Flow Yoga:

Flow/Vinyassa Yoga focuses on building strength, flexibility and balance while co-ordinating movements with the flow of the breath. We move from pose to pose more quickly than in Hatha Yoga and particularly do a lot of upper-body strengthening. Following the breath with movement of the body calms and centers the Mind and Nervous System in a very meditative way. This is a good work-out for every part of your being, on every level!

Private Yoga Classes:

Private one-on-one yoga classes can be arranged, either in the comfort of your own home, or at one of the studio spaces. This is a more expensive option for people with super busy lives or those who need more individual attention than can be given in group classes.

Studios Tanya teaches at:

Yoga-Lova Studio:

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Yoga Experience Studio:

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